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The most okayest and minimalistic RSS reader on iOS and macOS

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An Otter RSS started off as a personal app developed by Josh Holtz for Josh Holtz.

Josh shared TestFlight Beta access of An Otter RSS to Airport after some initial interest on Twitter. The TestFlight Beta testers were passionate enough about the app that Josh decided to release the app to the App Store.

The app is now live on the App Store for all to enjoy. It is not the most sophisticated or polished app but it's what Josh wanted and what others are enjoying.

An Otter RSS is now a universal app (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS) that syncs feeds and articles over iCloud. There is nothing fancy about reading articles. Articles displayed in a native web view that allows for reader view if wanted. The app is free with an option to tip the developer.

Core Features

Track your feeds!

Organized your feeds into folders

See your articles!

Articles are listed and marked as read and unread

Read as intended!

Nothing fancy here! Articles are displayed in a native web view with optional reader mode

Add new feeds!

Add feeds by exact URL or enter the website and RSS feeds will be auto discovered

Do more by...

Customizing your way!

Plenty of settings to make the app your own (with more always on the way)

Importing and exporting OPML!

Bring your feeds in if you like Otter or take your feeds with you if it's not for you

Fun iOS integrations with...


Add unread widgets to your home screen (and more widgets coming)


Do automation your way

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